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T'Gallant Sparkling Pink Moscato

NV Sparkling Pink Moscato


Wine Description

“T’Gallant is the sailor’s abbreviation for topgallant, the top sail of square-rigger sailing ships. Like our winemaking philosophy, it represents the peak of an adventurous, free spirit.”

T’Gallant Sparkling Pink Moscato is a traditional style of Moscato that is fragrant, sweet and gently spritzed. Natural fruit sweetness and beautiful aromatics are lifted by a gentle sparkling bead in a wine that pairs beautifully with sweeter dishes and spicy Asian food.

A captivating Moscato made from Red Frontignac with its almost iridescent pink hue, boasting a vibrant nose of musk and rose petal, followed by a palate of sweet jubilant Turkish delight, all culminating in a clean finish accented by crisp acidity and refreshing fizzante.

Vintage: NV Pink foil Under Cork

Product Features

Region Australia
Vintage NV

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