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I am one of those people who usually prefer to come into the store and pick up my wines after tasting and having a chat with the helpful staff there. With the ever increasing pressures on my time I have found the on line ordering service to be very convenient, excellent value for quality wines and the service great. With free delivery to my area how can you possibly go wrong? "Cheers".

Laura Cole

I believe that Wine Lovers Warehouse have offered me the best varieties and specials than all the online clubs I have tried. Great specials and free delivery usually always with us within 3 days and even a couple within 2 days. We buy for ourselves and some family members who agree on some amazing bargains. There are always good tasting note that are true to what is delivered and we will continue to look out for great offers available from Wine Lovers Warehouse

Allan Neuendorf

I've been buying red wine, particularly Shiraz, from Wine Lovers for a few years. The quality of wine received has always been excellent, the weekly specials are very good value and my internet orders have always arrived promptly without any hassles. I've had no hesitations to recommending Wine Lovers to my friends.


I have certainly been pleased with my orders so far. I am a member of a number of wine delivery services and enjoy the excellent quality available to us in Australia. I have been lucky enough to have lived close to all the major wine regions in Australia at one time or another, and have enjoyed being exposed to their unique characteristics. What impresses me about your offerings is not only are they often exceptional value for money, they also have some attractive bottle age too, making the purchase even better value. When combined with free delivery the choice is simple and as a result, I have actually cancelled some of my other subscriptions - so much wine - so little time! I often purchase another case too to send to my Mum, and she is as impressed as I am with the contents of the carton that arrives at her doorstep from Winelovers. Look forward to your next offering - no doubt it will be a very tempting decision!

John Cramer

Always reliable service and good wine at fair prices.

Ann Wright

I get good wine at a very reasonable price delivered to my door. I live in the country and it's usually delivered within two days. Fantastic service.

Mike & Marilyn

I would simply like to say that over the past several years as Wine Lovers customers we have NEVER had any cause for complaint or concerns regarding the quality of the many dozens of wine that we have purchased. The Tasting Notes provide a comprehensive description of the wine and the prices are always a pleasant surprise. Being country customers, the FREE freight is an added bonus. So long as the past performance continues we will be very long term customers... So much fine wine.... so little time..!! May we never become allergic to wine...!!!

Deborah Lehner

I have always found the folk at Wine lovers friendly, helpful and delivery is prompt. Takes the hassle out of buying wine!

Sisil Mohotty

I think Wine Lovers is one of the best or the best place to buy quality wine. I have used this web site for nearly 3 years and have always experienced prompt delivery. I also find their ratings of wines are accurate.

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