So what's the deal with Pinot Noir?

Hey Winelovers.
I have to admit to having a bee in my bonnet about quite a few things in the current wine industry but one of the items that keeps raising it's head again and again is Pinot Noir.
To be frank...... i just dont get it!
Now, before people start replying "blah, blah, DRC, blah, VRC, blah etc. I've had some great Pinot's over the years, most of which I have not paid for but guys!! I've also had sooooo many of them that to put it bluntly shouldn't have been bottled in the first place.
I know it's a hard grape to grow, reflects the site, is susceptible to disease, shows spoilage characteristics easily, is clone susceptible to vintage variations and it's bloody expensive to buy, hell I've made enough of the stuff to qualify this. But I suppose that as I get older, I'm just not prepared to pay high prices for a light red fruity drink that shows more "briar" and "fern" character than the sweet/clean varietal strawberry and heady red fruit aromas that are present in the best of them.
As you know we scour the land to bring you some of the best, hand curated wines available in the land and I must say the current John Luke Pinot Noir we have available at $10.95 is an absolute steal!
Yes it smells like a Pinot, walks like a Pinot and even talks like a Pinot so it must be a Pinot Noir. It's a hard wine to source consistently as with vintage variation and winery input it can be hard to get reliable, consistent supply but fear not!! We're deep on the trail of new parcels and should have a new vintage on deck as the weather warms going into Summer later this year.
Cheers Z

2 thoughts on “So what's the deal with Pinot Noir?”

  • Steve Rose

    I agree with you Z, for $10.95 it a bloody good deal. However you sell it for $12.95, not $10.95... Which I still am willing to pay mind you, just thought you should know the mismatch in price with your post and whats on in the catalogue. Would love to see more Pinot Noirs come into your warehouse soon, thanks and keep up the great work.

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