With age comes wisdom and in many cases beauty

I must say that over the past 30 years of drinking wine (legally that is). One of the greatest pleasures has been stumbling upon a rare gem or two that really punches above its weight with regards pricing. I can remember back a few years stumbling across an Irymple "Rhine Riesling" as it was called in those days which was at the exorbitant price of $3.95 per bottle. Purchased initially for quaffing, it was duly forgotten about until 5 years down the track when I had to pack up and move house. Low and behold the cheap "Quaffer" had blossomed and turned from a mere beverage into a wine which commands respect and forces me to appreciate the soft aged Kerosene and Butyl-rubber notes that had formed. Initially off putting, I learnt over time that this was the norm and when presented in balance with the wines fruit weight and acid support made for an absolutely stunning wine at the bargain price of $3.95.

It's a pity that we dont have the time to age or for that matter purchase wines with a few years under their belt as there is something mystical and almost magical when all things come together in the glass. Suddenly you can see yourself sitting on the porch side by side with a loved one, chilled glass in hand, watching the sun go down.

We keep this in the back of our mind, when we discuss with wineries and suppliers for new products. We're always looking for wines with a few years under their belt so that you, the Winelover can try them with that added layer of complexity that aged wines, even if only a few years of age posses. Its something I urge you all to try more of. Let 'em age, some may not work but others are sure to delight and make the whole process well worth while.

Cheers Z


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