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About Us

Great wines, great prices, all day, every day.

Wine Lover is a passionate family owned business made up of an assortment of what could best be described as experienced “wine industry refugees”. From winemakers through to retail assistants and hospitality managers, we are passionate about our industry and have banded together, deciding to rise up against the established “Big Boy” controlled channels of the Australian wine industry.

More often than not, we’ll be out in vineyards scouring the countryside, leveraging some of the long term relationships forged over many years for parcels of wine that winemakers “hide away” from time to time.


Bumper harvests, vintage changeovers and slower than expected export orders are all fair game for us, but be assured they have been made by some of the most credible and highly awarded winemakers in this country and all represent some of the best value for money wines available on the planet.

So sign up to become an official “Wine Lover” today and start enjoying some of the best prices and wines the Australian wine industry has to offer.

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